Friday, December 6, 2013

Re-Certified for another 2 years

It was  wet  day for re-certification for sure.  But as always Took shines through all the rain! We are good for another 2 years.  I am still  humbled by the help everyone gave to get us here. Goes to show there is hope for the rainy days too.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another year, has come and gone.  Took and I are still writing our story, and  soon to be tested for  re certification again.  Thank you, who ever you are.  :)   I have not forgotten. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kindness Is Contagious

Its that time of year again.  An anniversary of a surgery that changed LOTS of things.  Not
 so much the surgery, but an act of human kindness from someone that remains unknown to me.  It changed me. Hopefully forever.

  For those that don’t know the story. ... Took, my search dog had multiple surgeries. 


Of course it all started out as a “routine” surgery that  turned  into a quite complex event of many surgeries,   


over many months, which entailed many hours in rehab,

many tears,
and many- many  prayers.

  I had spent countless hours trying to help him regain use of the leg, hot/cold packing every few hours during the nights, pain management,  rehab in freezing weather outdoors, leash walks in the rain or shine,   swim therapy ect. 
I had a lot of support.   I was thankful I had  the help of a vet (and staff)  that has since moved away that donated her time/pool to do some physical therapy  with him, and on the days I just couldn’t do it, because I was just too drained,  she took the leash from me and took charge.   Randy, was very patient with me.  The house was usually a mess,   partially from the carpet "tetris" we had going on in the house because I did not want any slick floors,

and partially from me letting Took wreak havoc in the house because that’s all that he could do.

What? I didnt tear up anything.

One BORED dog.

 I wasn’t a cheerful  person to be around at times everyone  put up with that too. My team was very supportive, friends always there to listen to me , and my family was faithful in prayer.   I had a lot to be thankful for  no matter what the outcome.  

The Hike that changed things :) 
Prayers were answered  and he/(we) recovered.  And he recovered well.  Once he was well enough to be turned off leash, back to training we went. He hadn't forgotten anything and we hit the ground-running- literally.  Our 5 mile hike through some steep terrain  in  90 degree weather proved that he had it in him and that he was loving it. We could do this!  

 He  become my first certified Search Dog.  An Awesome search dog, I might add.  (totally biased opinion)

Taking a break on our final 160 acre evaluation. 


     " Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."   Galatians 6:9 

A year later- another injury. Cruciate. “Routine.”  
 I was scared, mentally,  and financially tapped out with the little  guy that I had hoped to do great things with.  I just didn’t have it in me to do it  all again. It was too much.  Doubted my decisions of not amputating during the previous surgeries  and just wanted my dog not to be in pain  any more.  Search dog or no search dog.

 It was my husbands birthday. We went to pick Took up from his surgery.  2 hour drive to think about what was going to happen next. Would there be complications again?  Would he be able to use the leg? Would we have to amputate if he didn't?  Could I possibly do rehab again?

Would he ever be able to chase a Frisbee again?

Could he still search?  So many unknowns.

His last surgery August 2010
 When I went to pick him up and got the bill, the clerks behind the desk were looking -watching -waiting.    What I didn’t know, and didn’t realize because I was nearly catatonic already  feeling overwhelmed,  was that someone had paid $ 500 toward the surgery.  When  I found that out and it sunk in, I turned in to a crying blob of emotions right there in the vets office and had a few of them crying too.  I couldn’t believe that someone believed in me, and in my dog enough to want to help us  out.  And not only believe in me but make that gesture to help us. It changed me.  Every day during recovery and rehabilitation  I thought of this anonymous person and it gave me the strength- more emotionally than financially.  Although I cannot deny how much it lifted the financial burden as well. Especially after the last "routine" surgery(ies) had still left its financial scar .   This went alot deeper than a vet bill and a dog. 
The next several days to weeks  I was consumed with “who done it?”  The ladies behind the counter at the vets office had offered no help.  And besides that at the time, I was too much in shock to start in on the normal barrage of questioning when I want answers.  The more I thought of it the more  that everyone was a suspect.  Never in  my life had so many people had so much potential.  Nearly everyone could have been the culprit of this generosity.    Things got a lot brighter.  And they have remained that way.   I had started to see good in folks that I had never noticed before. Those that know me -know that I seem to expect  the worst in people. It took someone that remains anonymous to show me what I failed to see. There is alot of kindness still left here. Alot.

 I never have been able to thank the person who caused this renewed  perspective in human goodness, but I hope to do better than that--  I thank God everyday for EVERY one in my life.  And if you are reading this, you are one of those people. 

I tend to be a bit private and generalize things.  But someone made a difference in my life,  a very BIG difference.   My hope is that maybe   if I open up  & share this, just  maybe --someone else that has the ability to help someone, in WHATEVER way they can-- will. Big or small.    Even little acts of kindness God can multiply and make a big difference to someone else, - a world of difference.  

"Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people....." Galatians 6:10


 Took taught me alot  too. He was always excited to go to matter how short or long the walk.   Never a day  went by that  his tail wasn't wagging.  Always happy no matter the circumstances.  A big life lesson in that little wag. 

 I know most searchers probably feel  this, but I hope one day  Took and I can make a difference in someones life, help them, find them, or just shine a bright spot in their lives just for a moment.  That would be a very satisfying and happy  ending. 

 But right now, we are MISSION READY and  still  busy writing the story! "Took, Ready?  Go Find!"

Took: active  in the field and happy about it.

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.. Philippians 4:13